Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ham Chase '47 Retires

At Tri-Kap's Corporation Meetings this year we experienced a veritable "changing of the guard" for our Alumni Board. Three Brothers stepped down after years of service, and three new Brothers took their place. Perhaps most significantly, Ham Chase '47, our Brother Primarius, former Chairman of the Alumni Board, and a Tri-Kap to the core has decided to leave the Alumni Board.

Ham is one of the finest of all Tri-Kap Brothers. During his years of service he has enlightened us with his wit and humor, with his common sense and wisdom, and given back more than we can ever hope to repay. Unfortunately, age has caught up to Ham and he feels that he can no longer give what he used to; the bottom line is that we all still love and respect Ham, and hope that he makes time to visit 1 Webster Avenue whenever he is able. The undergraduates have written him a thank-you letter that we hope to post shortly.

In addition to Ham, two other Brothers have stepped down: Kevin Fleming '93, a former undergraduate House Manager, and David "Lucky" Luchenbach '00. They have distinguished themselves through their years of service, and we thank them both for their dedication to the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, increasing demands from their personal lives will prevent them from continuing to serve on the Tri-Kap Board.

Fortunately, we have very capable and passionate Alumni stepping into the void. Ed Lee '04, a former President of the house, Matthew Brown '05, and Scott Sabol '88 have offered their services and we are excited about the new ideas that will assuredly come from the infusion of new blood to the Society's leadership.
New Alumni Board member Matt Brown '05, flanked by varsity squash stars, and Tri-Kap Brothers, Adam King '08 and Faisal Ratansi '08.


TriKPres said...

2 Beers for the new members of the alumni board. And I hear they're late to alumni meetings. Bullethead! Bullethead!

Darlucky said...

here's to Ham, he's true blue...