Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sad News

As many of you might have heard, David Rosenbaum '63 and a Tri-Kap through and through, was recently tragically murdered in Washington, D.C.
To read more about it, you can visit these websites:

Maureen Dowd recalled her close colleague and friend at a memorial service of 700 on Capitol Hill that included five U.S. Senators in attendence:
"The day we mourned a man whose life was devoted to clarity, this city was hidden in fog. You couldn't see the Potomac, even on its bank...he had an unglamorous, unsanctimonious, unvain sort of goodness. He had a black-and-white sense of honor that was oddly old-fashioned in a capital slimed by lies, bribery, greed, corruption and ends-justify-the-means malarkey."

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