Thursday, November 30, 2006

Iraqi Kids Project II

As posted previously, the Brothers of Tri-Kap collected over 35 huge boxes of clothes and toys to send to children in Iraq. We just received pictures of the children receiving the packages with the assistance of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

A special appreciation goes to Fayez Kabir '08, our Philanthropy Chair, who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in his position. Thanks Fayez!!

End of Fall Term

With Finals beginning this weekend, Dartmouth's fall term comes to a close. And it's been one hell of a term for the house at 1 Webster Avenue. Even Joe Kutney '07 showed surprise at how quickly it all went by...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Dartmouth Homecoming

This past weekend was Dartmouth's Homecoming Weekend.On Friday night we threw a sick party- the house was packed from wall-to-wall, and the line to get in went all the way out to the street. Our in-house DJ's, Bibhu Mainali '07 and A.J. "Bootz" Chammas '07, kicked it with a guest appearance by the legendary Alex Taylor '04. With a handful of houses on probation, it was up to Tri-Kap to hold it down for frat row on Friday, and hold it down we did.

On Saturday, after a massive house cleanup in the aftermath of the party, we hosted an Alumni Open House Reception from 3-6 PM. Brothers grilled, alumni came by, and the youngest Tri-Kaps had an opportunity to meet with Tri-Kaps of earlier years and their families.

Those in attendance included (not a complete list):

Greg Dingus '89
Alex Taylor '04
Rajiv Dhar '06
Chris Vale '06
Riad Khan '05
Harold Bae '05
Peter Cucchiara '06
Eisho Porter '06
Stu Leung '05
Walter Shin '06
Chris Castonguay '96
Young Lee '03
Don Barr '46
Michael Stafford '91
Josh Valdez '05
Paul Rosania '05
George Gorospe '06
Yu Kawakami '06
Jeff Iacono '05
Hai Gi Li '99
Bob Bysshe '63
Dick Swett '63
Ted Suess '63
Nannan Hu '06
Jason Lee '05
Aaron Zwintscher '05
Rich Harvey '71
Eric Lineback '90

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tri-Kap Rush is a Success!!

The Brothers of Kappa Kappa Kappa are proud to announce a successful rush this year of 16 new members! This brings our total membership up to approximately 70 current undergraduates.
We were also honored by the attendance of David Andryc '82 at Rush on Saturday evening at 1 Webster Avenue. Thank you David!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An Improv Extravaganza

In an event to raise funds for Project Bangladesh, the Tri-Kap brothers arranged an Improv Extravaganza during Sophomore Family Weekend. '08 Tanvir Kabir MC'ed the event and is seen entertaining the crowd.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Iraqi Kids Project

Summer Philanthropy chair, Brother Tanvir Kabir, organized an extremely successful drive to send clothes to children in Iraq. Tri-Kap brothers spent several weeks collecting and packaging what seemed like mountains of clothes.

Chariot races!

House man Alex Spinoso (lower right above) led the building of the Tri-Kap chariot. Dartmouth organized chariot racing for the first time in 20 years after Hanover and the state of New Hampshire passed legislation to ban tubestock
The team designed and raced the trikap chariot. The metal rod used to pull the chariot snapped after about 10 feet which meant that Psi U fraternity eliminated us from the first heat.

Summer Lockin

The '08 class held a lockin at the Dartmouth ski hill. Almost all of the brothers that are on campus attended and just about everyone had a great time (exceptions included the New York brothers that are self-proclaimed "not-outdoorsy kinds of people.")

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Class of 1956 Reunion

The Tri-Kap Class of 1956 has scheduled a Reunion between 3 pm and 4:30 pm at the house on Friday, June 9. We encourage brothers from that class, as well as brothers from any time in the 1950's to stop by and say hello to a few Brothers and congratulate them on their 50th Reunion.

If you are planning on attending, please inform Adam Patinkin '07 at Adam07@Dartmouth.Edu and Chuck Soule '56 at

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ham Chase '47 Retires

At Tri-Kap's Corporation Meetings this year we experienced a veritable "changing of the guard" for our Alumni Board. Three Brothers stepped down after years of service, and three new Brothers took their place. Perhaps most significantly, Ham Chase '47, our Brother Primarius, former Chairman of the Alumni Board, and a Tri-Kap to the core has decided to leave the Alumni Board.

Ham is one of the finest of all Tri-Kap Brothers. During his years of service he has enlightened us with his wit and humor, with his common sense and wisdom, and given back more than we can ever hope to repay. Unfortunately, age has caught up to Ham and he feels that he can no longer give what he used to; the bottom line is that we all still love and respect Ham, and hope that he makes time to visit 1 Webster Avenue whenever he is able. The undergraduates have written him a thank-you letter that we hope to post shortly.

In addition to Ham, two other Brothers have stepped down: Kevin Fleming '93, a former undergraduate House Manager, and David "Lucky" Luchenbach '00. They have distinguished themselves through their years of service, and we thank them both for their dedication to the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, increasing demands from their personal lives will prevent them from continuing to serve on the Tri-Kap Board.

Fortunately, we have very capable and passionate Alumni stepping into the void. Ed Lee '04, a former President of the house, Matthew Brown '05, and Scott Sabol '88 have offered their services and we are excited about the new ideas that will assuredly come from the infusion of new blood to the Society's leadership.
New Alumni Board member Matt Brown '05, flanked by varsity squash stars, and Tri-Kap Brothers, Adam King '08 and Faisal Ratansi '08.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Green Key is Here!

Green Key is here!

The brotherhood is excited, once again, to celebrate this crazy weekend. We kicked off the festivities tonight with a hip-hop dance performance by SHEBA, which packed our living room with over 200 students. We have a party set for Friday night that should be, per Kappa tradition, the best on campus. And we already have tons of alumni up for the weekend.
We also have our Corporation Meetings on Saturday beginning at noon with drinks. All Alumni far and near are encouraged to attend. The discussion, drinks, and initiation into the Society will start at noon and last until about 3 pm. We have some exciting things to discuss- our house renovation, new members of the Alumni Board, and the many phenomenal things the undergrads have recently accomplished.

If you cannot attend, but would like to call in, please e-mail

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Term Begins!

Spring term has officially begun!

The brothers are all back on campus, and with a new crop of leaders on the undergraduate Executive Board, we are all excited for an awesome term. The guys have already been out playing baseball and basketball this afternoon with our recent spate of good weather, and here's hoping that it stays nice out for a while yet.

To kick things off, we already have a party planned for this Friday night. After all, work hard, play hard is a way of life up here in Hanover.

Our first House meetings of the term are tonight, and we will report back afterwards with any news. There are a number of big projects on our plates this term, and we'll keep you up to date as they get off the ground.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Additionally the Rosenbaum family has asked that contributions in David's memory be sent to:

Rosenbaum Family Fund/CFNCR
1201 15th St. NW, Suite 420
Washington, DC 20005

The Undergraduates have elected to send a donation, and we encourage the rest of the brotherhood to do so as well.

Sad News

As many of you might have heard, David Rosenbaum '63 and a Tri-Kap through and through, was recently tragically murdered in Washington, D.C.
To read more about it, you can visit these websites:

Maureen Dowd recalled her close colleague and friend at a memorial service of 700 on Capitol Hill that included five U.S. Senators in attendence:
"The day we mourned a man whose life was devoted to clarity, this city was hidden in fog. You couldn't see the Potomac, even on its bank...he had an unglamorous, unsanctimonious, unvain sort of goodness. He had a black-and-white sense of honor that was oddly old-fashioned in a capital slimed by lies, bribery, greed, corruption and ends-justify-the-means malarkey."