Monday, November 14, 2005

Trustees Visit Tri-Kap

This past Friday night, many of us were startled from our weekend reverie by the sudden appearance in our basement of three Dartmouth College Trustees- T.J. Rodgers '70 (and his wife), Todd Zywicki '88, and our very own Tri-Kap Peter Robinson '79!

The Trustees hung out in the house for nearly two hours, mingled with the brotherhood, and took the time to talk with us about Dartmouth, its future, and life as a Trustee. If you have been following recent events at the College on the Hill, you might be aware that these three Trustees all won spots on the Board as petition candidates. All three are not only incredibly successful, they are also more than willing to pose the hard questions that in recent times have not been asked by the other more mainstream Trustees.

Already you can see changes afoot- and they are for the better. Suddenly Parkhurst is taking our opinions seriously. Suddenly Administrators are actually listening. And suddenly Trustees are showing up in the basement of 1 Webster Avenue.

You could see it in the resolutions adopted by the Trustees this past weekend. All three major Trustee moves were spurred on by student, not Administrative, activism. What a difference a year makes.

But not everything has changed up here at Dear Old Dartmouth- as Peter joyously told us upon his arrival, "the house hasn't changed one bit!"

To put it simply, we can't wait to welcome him home again.

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