Monday, November 07, 2005


Since we are the first "truly Dartmouth Fraternity", over the summer the '07's decided to hang a Dartmouth flag over our front door, where it now proudly waves.

And despite the fact that the Administration has hated on us over the years - from their first attempt to get rid of us in 1849 to attempts made at the end of WWII to the 1978 Epperson fiasco (a faculty vote to end Fraternities approved 77-2), the 1987 Wright Report, and the irrational 1999 Student Life Initiative (SLI) - we are still here and still proud to be Dartmouth through-and-through. Something tells me the adults in this community have more to learn about forgiveness than the students.

Here's to hoping that Peter Robinson '79, the only Tri-Kap on the Dartmouth Board of Trustees, keeps the haters in check.

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