Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Groundbreaking at 1 Webster Ave

A Vision Realized

After decades of history and brotherhood, Tri-Kap's hallowed halls are closed as we renovate our home at 1 Webster Ave. On June 20, 2015 the brotherhood held a groundbreaking ceremony on the lawn. In attendance were Dartmouth College administrators, undergraduates and Tri-Kap alumni spanning decades to commemorate the occasion.

(R to L: Assoc. Dean of the College Liz Agosto, Anka Tezcan '15, Michael Brasher '10, Bruce Williamson '74 and James McKim '83)

Breaking Ground on the Future

After remarks from James McKim '83 on the history of Kappa Kappa Kappa at Dartmouth, Michael spoke about the Capital Campaign that made the event happen and the considerable fundraising effort it represents both in the past and future. Bruce Williamson '74 detailed the construction effort, explaining the necessary improvements and upgrades to the house. Anka Tezcan '15 affirmed the undergraduate's commitment to the house's future maintenance and Associate Dean of the College Liz Agosto closed by stating the College's appreciate for the brotherhood's commitment to the Dartmouth community through leadership, diversity and achievement.

Check out full renovations plans on our website:

Over 50 people from the brotherhood and Dartmouth community in attendance

Find more pictures on our Facebook group:

College President Phil Hanlon '77 Stops By

Monday, June 15, 2015

Spring Term Update


After a long Spring term, we can look back on the last term in our old house with a feeling of pride. The house endured a long winter whose snow lasted well into April.

However, our hallowed halls held on through the winter, thanks in no small part to House Manager of the Year, Will Bollenbach '15. He was able to bring the award to Tri-Kap, filling the shoes of alumni board member Matt Graves '14 as he mentored first-timers George Philipose '15 and Sam Libby '17 throughout the term. While this term was one that held onto our laurels for executives, we came one game (one could even say one inning) short of defending our intramural softball title despite the best efforts of notable competitors Brian White '15, Sam Agler '17 and Kevin Kim '16 while the Master's duo Danny Katz '16 and Charles Cai '16 added key at-bats in the final.

(The Tri-Kap bench eagerly watching softball)

Luckily for the brothers of Tri-Kap, we were able to rally from the defeat the next weekend to enjoy the beloved Green Key Weekend. After days of pong, alumni visits, and concerts, our hallowed hall looked spectacular in the early sunlight of Sunday morning. While alumni filled up our spare couches, spring had finally sprung.

(7 a.m.)

With new, warm weather surrounding us, we enjoyed a Spikeball on the front lawn, playing with our dog, Zeus, and, perhaps most of all, a handful of barbecues. Programming chairs young and old, from James Howe '17 to Josh Schoenbart '16 to Brian Grumka '15 we cobbled together some artery-clogging feasts to stave off finals stress.

(15s Anka, Marty, Robbie, Brian, Brian and Hank prepare food)

Inspired by our passion for grilling, our philanthropy chair, Brendan Krimsky '17 conceived of the Tri-Kap Hotdog Eating Contest. All of the hundreds in proceeds went to the "I Care I Cure" charity dedicated to finding better treatments for childhood cancer. In the first annual competition, the brotherhood's own Kevin Wang '15 ate a hot dog every minute over the seven minute contest, crushing the competitors from Phi Delt.

(Kevin Wang '15 destroying hot dogs and foes)

Sadly, after weeks in the indecisive, unpredictable Hanover springtime, it came time for us to bid the term farewell. While 1 Webster may never be the same exact house after the renovations project, we set out to enjoy the waning time we had in the house as best we could with the fellow men we call brothers.

(At Senior Week meetings, ex-President Anka Tezcan '15 addresses the brotherhood)

Spring term 2015 was the capstone for the many decades we spent at the most recent Kappa Lodge and will never be forgotten in hearts of our brothers. I all the hope in the world for us a as a society and nothing but the best wishes for the outgoing Class of 2015.

(L to R: Kevin Kim '15, Justin Lee '15, Nish Ravichandran '15, Manav Raj '15, Andy Solares '15, Brett Szalapski '15, Kevin Moon '15, Brian Grumka '15, Will Bollenbach '15, Eric Do '15, Brian White '15, Kevin Wang '15 and George Philipose '15)

Yours in Kappa,
Joseph (Jake) Bayer '16

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

IM Championship

Yesterday, the brotherhood rekindled its IM dynasty with a resounding 8-1 victory over Sigma Nu in the IM Hockey finals. The victory capped off a perfect season for the team, which went undefeated in the regular season and tore through the competition in the playoffs as well. In the finals, Tri-Kap was lead by Scott Lehman '17 who scored a hat trick and our treasurer, Brett Szalapski '15, who added two goals of his own. Through the season, the team enjoyed the full-throated support of the brotherhood, including a three man "management" team and a raucous heckle crew at each game. We're looking forward to continuing our success in IM sports with softball in the Spring.

The team with management and brothers following the final

Yours in Kappa,
Justin Lee '15
Athletic Chairman

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Montreal Trip

This term, the brotherhood eschewed a traditional formal to instead take a trip to Montreal. Brothers, some with dates, went up this last weekend for Montreal's Festival of Lights, and enjoyed the sights and the nightlife of the city. Following a debaucherous and rowdy weekend, we were all tired, but determined to make another trip up North in the Spring.

A group of brothers and their dates outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal

From left to right, Marty Gatens '15 and his date, Anka Tezcan '15, Arun Reddy '17, and Sam Agler '17

Yours in Kappa,
Manav Raj '15
Vice President

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Tri-Kap's Faculty Mixer

This Friday, Tri-Kap hosted its first ever faculty mixer. Brothers invited their favorite professors from around campus to 1 Webster Avenue to enjoy their company, share a little wine with them, and get to know them a little bit better outside of the classroom. We had a great turnout, and were happy to have an alum, Professor Roger Ulrich '77, as one of our guests.

Brothers cleaning and preparing the Great Hall for the Mixer
The professors that came seemed to have a good time and were appreciative of the opportunity to get a better understanding of fraternities at Dartmouth. After the success we experienced on Friday, we plan to host a similar mixer every term.

Professors and brothers mingling

Yours in Kappa,
George Philipose '15
Academic Chair

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Rush

This last weekend, fraternities around campus held Winter Rush, and Tri-Kap welcomed three new members in to our brotherhood. We are really excited with the guys we got, and we look forward to teaching them about our house and our values. Below are pictures of brothers during rush and the three new members:

The Great Hall filled with brothers and rushees

Marty Gatens '15 and James Howe '17

The newest Tri-Kaps in their favorite shirts. From left to right, Sam Libby '17, Miguel Peña '16, and Vince Puzak '17

Yours in Kappa,
Manav Raj
Vice President

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Dean Ameer Visits Tri-Kap

On October 24th, Dean Inge-Lise Ameer came to Tri-Kap to talk to the brotherhood about her life and her experience as Dean of Dartmouth. The brothers really appreciated the opportunity to meet Dean Ameer and talk to her in a casual setting. The brotherhood listened to Dean Ameer discuss the current campus climate, her involvement with the Tri-Kap Capital Campaign, and her path to her current position. She also spent time taking brothers questions about any and all subjects that came up. Dean Ameer spent over an hour at the house and only left because she had another appointment. We were really happy to have her come over and look forward to working with her more through the process.
Brothers listening to Dean Ameer
Yours in Kappa,
Manav Raj '15
Vice President

Brotherhood Bio: Charles Cai

In an effort to highlight some of the interesting things that brothers are doing, we will be putting up some posts that allow brothers to share their passions. Below, Charles Cai, a member of the '16 class and one of our Rush Chairs, talks a little bit about his experience with music and singing with the Aires. 

Golf for me has been such a huge part of my life ever since I took it up at the age of 8 and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. It all started when I was down in Myrtle Beach, SC on a family vacation, and my dad and I went to the driving range for the first time ever. Despite our lack of experience, we both had a ton of fun and got hooked onto the sport. I am grateful I was able to go through the many ups and downs of golf throughout the years with my dad, who has been there every step of the way.
Charles, third from the left, with other members of the golf team.

In high school, I also ran cross country and winter track but golf was still my main focus come springtime. In the summers, I would spend countless hours working on my game and traveling across the country competing in junior tournaments. Some of my best memories have come from competing and dealing with the pressure that’s present during the last few holes of a golf tournament. Golf has taught me how to remain cool and collected in the heat of the moment, which I think was one of the reasons why Danny Katz ’16 and I were able to win Masters this summer.
Danny Katz '16 and Charles following their victory at Masters
At Dartmouth, I am a member of the varsity golf team and also our team’s DP2 mentor and Student Athlete Advisory Committee representative. My freshman year, I was voted as the team’s Rookie of the Year and have enjoyed every moment on the team. One of the most enjoyable aspects is the long van rides we take traveling to tournaments as we share stories and crack jokes. We just wrapped up the fall season a few weeks back and it was a successful one. We started off the season with 2 straight wins as a team and the freshmen were able to gain a lot of invaluable experience. We hope to build on this momentum and carry it into the spring season, which culminates in the Ivy League Championship during the last week.

Yours in Kappa,
Charles Cai '16

Monday, October 13, 2014

Brotherhood Bio: Brian Chalif

In an effort to highlight some interesting projects that current brothers are working on, we will be putting up some posts that allow brothers to share their passions. Below, Brian Chalif, a member of the '16 class and one of our Rush Chairs, talks a little bit about his experience with music and singing with the Aires. 

Brian before one of his a capella shows
In high school, I was always known as the musician. I played violin, guitar, piano, and I sang. Coming to Dartmouth, I had little expectations to continue music to such a large extent. However, I now am in Glee Club, Gospel Choir, Canta Choral, a Jazz Trio, take voice lessons, and am a double major with music. Despite my involvement in all these activites, the biggest impact on my Dartmouth career was my freshman trip leader, who convinced me to audition for a cappella. 

Brian during his FSP in London
Being a member of the Dartmouth Aires has been an adventure I could not have imagined when coming to Dartmouth a little over two years ago. My first term at Dartmouth, the group sang at Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign rally in Hanover. Later the same term, the Aires sang at an Obama and Clinton Presidential campaign rally in Concord, New Hampshire for over 15,000 people. The rest of the year was full of exciting shows, including the traditional East Coast winter tour and an exciting international tour to Aruba.

Brian, fourth from the right, with the Aires
Now, two years later, it is still a constant stream of new experiences. Last spring, we recorded an album, which after six months of editing is getting released next month. This year our winter tour will be going to the west coast, for the first time in many years. However, most excitingly, this spring the Aires are traveling to China! I am super thrilled for this because, obviously it is a great experience, but I also have planned most of this tour as the spring tour manager. I look forward to this exciting year and to my senior year, where I can give back to the group that has been one of the most significant impacts on my Dartmouth experience.

I hope to see some Kappas at one of our shows in during our spring tour to California.

Yours in Kappa,
Brian Chalif ‘16

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Fall Rush

Last weekend, fraternities across campus held rush, and 18 members of the class of 2017 sunk bids at Tri-Kap. We are thrilled with the kids that we brought in to the house, and we look forward to instilling our Tri-Kap values in them as they join the brotherhood. 

Here is a picture of most of them after they received their first and favorite house shirt:

From left to right: Sam Agler, Chris Laughlin, Arun Reddy, Scott Lehman, James Howe, Josh Lange, Jeff Lange, Phillip Yom, Ronak Kanwar, Ted Poatsy, Daniel Kang, Caleb Junmo Kim, Sidney Wijngaarde, and Fred Kim.
Not pictured: Matt Zubrow, John French, Joe Minichiello, and Brendan Krimsky.
Yours in Kappa,
Manav Raj '15
Vice President